Visa Application Forms

Visa Application Forms

The Visa Application Form is available in Hungarian as well as in English and in French. Please, download and print it, then fill it in legibly, using capital letters or a typewriter and Roman characters.

Application form for a stay shorter than 3 months

Application form for a stay longer than 3 months

The previous system of the „D” type visas changed as of December 21st, 2007. The rules on the seasonal work visa have remained unchanged but in the case of other purposes of stay the applicants need a residence permit. A different application form has to be filled in for each purpose of stay.

The application form below, entitled “Application for a visa authorising a stay longer than 3 months” can only be used for the purpose of seasonal work.
(Read more about this on the website of Immigration and Asylum Office)

The application forms for the residence permit and other documents are available on the website of the Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office (